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Re: Uploaded developers-reference 2.6.1 (source all) to master

At 19:57 -0500 1999-04-03, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
In message <3706AE56.64956D22@aasaa.ofe.org> you wrote:
Adam Di Carlo wrote:
   * Sec. "fakeroot": libtricks is replacing fakeroot, not libtool

I thought that libtricks was broken under glibc2.1 and that they were
going back to fakeroot. libc6 currently conflicts with all versions of

Might be... folks, what's the word?

libtricks grovels deep within glibc internals (to the point that it has its own copies of internal glibc headers), I am not entirely sure if it can ever work with glibc 2.1, since an external lib and programs cannot access internal libc symbols.
fakeroot grovels at a much higher level and still works.
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