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Re: [rono@sentuny.com.au: Making Linux disaster recovery user friendly]

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, David Starner wrote:

> Wichert Akkerman forwarded:
> > In the default lilo setup, copy the initial boot kernel to the disk with
> > some name like 'vmlinuz.Safe' and put an extra label in lilo.conf that
> > uses this preditable kernel. A label like 'Safe'.  Then add some text to
> > the lilo boot message like:
> I've never had a kernel problem that stopped me from booting. OTOH, when
> I've installed recent version of PCMCIA, it hangs my computer. (Older
> version didn't run at all.) So I've had to boot into single user mode
> and edit /etc/init.d to fix it. My impression is that stuff in init.d
> stopping the bootup at least as common as kernel problems causing it, as
> long as you're not running 2.1/2.3. This solution scares the user
> without really helping safety much. 
In the course of abusing drivers and such I have run into kernel
boot problems.  It is also likely to be an issue for new users
when they are learning kernel customization.

The suggested procedure is part of the safeties I have on my
system, I also directly reference /vmlinuz.old (which is created
by "make zlilo" so that I can fall back on my last kernel quickly.

So I think that it is a good idea.

Daniel Taylor

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