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RE: OpenCode/H2O

> They are also not yet organized and their goals aren't set in stone;
> there's some sort of online meeting on May 20, and SPI 
> members should be
> there pushing for something like the Social Contract and advocating
> developer's interests. Maybe the H2O people can even become a 
> part of SPI
> instead of starting their own group. Anyway, I plan to get 
> involved with
> this if I can and I hope others will give it some thought too.
I was just thinking this -- perhaps someone from this organization should be
on the board of SPI, or as you suggest H2O could become a part of SPI.

I think that this is initiative could be a landmark step for free software
everywhere.  Now we might actually have some legal recourse when we come
across legal issues -- rather than posting back and forth, scratching our
heads and opining "IANAL...."



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