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Intent to package cxterm

CXTerm is a terminal emulator for X Window System, with the
capability of displaying and inputting Chinese (Big5 and GB),
Japanese and Korean.

This will be broken down into 5 packages: cxterm-common,
cxterm-big5, cxterm-gb, cxterm-jis and cxterm-ks.

cxterm-common contains the main program, while the other four
contain 'input method tables' of the corresponding language.

This program is non-free, the relevant part of the license is
as follows:

  Permission to retain, use, modify, copy, and distribute CXTERM 5.0
  in source or binary and its documentation (hereafter, the Software)
  for non-commercial purpose is hereby granted to you without a fee,
  provided that this entire copyright and permission notice appear in
  all such copies, that no charge be associated with such copies,
  that distribution of derivative works (including value-added
  distributions such as with additional input dictionaries or fonts)
  include clarification that such added or derived parts are not from
  the original Software, and that the names of the author(s) not be
  used to endorse or promote such works.

  Any commercial use of the Software requires a license directly from
  the author(s).  Please contact the author(s) to negotiate an
  appropriate license.  Commercial use includes integration of all or
  part of the binary or source code covered by this permission
  notices into a product for sale or license to third parties on your
  behalf, or distribution of the binary or source code to third
  parties that need it to utilize a product sold or licensed on your

I have already packaged it and used it for some time, and is ready
for upload at any time.

Anthony Wong.       [ E-mail: ypwong@debian.org / ICQ UIN: C30E6 ]

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