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compiling lm_sensors-2.2.2 with debian and kernel 2.2.5

Hi Adam,

Here are some more questions and some information for your 2.2.x web

As far as I can tell the debian lm_sensors package has been orphaned,
but I thought you might still want some info on getting it to work
with slink and the 2.2.5 kernel. /usr/include/linux must match the
kernel version being used. In debian, /usr/include/linux is not a link
to /usr/src/linux/include/linux, but it is a directory containing
(for slink) header info for the 2.0.36 kernel. lm_sensors-2.2.2 won't
compile with this setup. I temporarily changed /usr/include/linux (and
/usr/include/asm) to be symlinks into the 2.2.5 source tree to compile

Should I permanently change /usr/include/{linux,asm} to point to 2.2.x
kernel headers since I'm using 2.2.x?

What is the proper way to compile tools like lm_sensors (and
lsof) that are heavily dependent on the kernel? I tried
-I/usr/src/linux/include/linux, but the lm_sensors Makefile directly
reads files like /usr/include/linux/autoconf.h to set some variables.

Lee Bradshaw                 lee@sectionIV.com (preferred)
Alantro Communications       lee@alantro.com

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