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Re: Sendmail woes (was: make anacron a base package)


as this tends to get a metch between both of you, how about doing this 
per mail and posting a summary?

Do we really want to change the standard MTA _again_? For what reason?
Because "everyone" else uses it? This is not a valid reason in my
eyes. If we make the assumption, that sendmail's and exim's
configfiles are equally easy for the "normal" user, why should we move 
away from exim. 

Debian's servers moved from qmail to exim. So it obviously is powerful
enough to be our default MTA. At least debian-admin preferred it over

If one needs some more exotic things exim can't do (whatever they
are), this user will install sendmail anyway, no matter what our
default MTA is.

Is this argument about the "reputation" of being the official Debian
MTA? This looks stupid to me then. We should really bury this thread
if this is the case.

Please consider this.


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