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Re: make anacron a base package

"Steve Lamb" <morpheus@rpglink.com> writes:

> >Right.  And if the difference in readibility between sendmail.mc and
> >exim.conf is insignificant, then the argument that exim ought to win
> >because it's easier to learn is made moot.  I note how you
> >specifically tried to weasel out of answering this issue.
>     No, I didn't, I answered it nicely.  I said that if you had read

Then how come you came up with a paragraph of text that addresses
everything except the issue itself?

> exim.conf you'd know.  Obviously you haven't since you're still there trying
> to say that the m4 scripts are as easy to read as exim.conf is.  They are
> not.  I use Exim at home, I've read the bat book, I had to use Sendmail at
> work.  I have read both and exim.conf is worlds easier.

I have tried exim, and I rejected it because it couldn't do what I
needed.  Just because you say you've read both exim and sendmail.mc
doesn't necessarily make one easier than the other.  I'm going to ask
you again: what makes exim.conf easier, in your eyes?  Do you think
it's too much to ask that you answer that question directly?

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