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Re: intent to package: onshore-timesheet

Oh, man.  This is just the kind of thing I was looking for.  (With two
timeslip jobs in the CS department here on campus, time tracking is the
proverbial female dog...)


On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

>Since I'm the release manager for this product and have been
>maintaining this package internally for several weeks now, it makes
>sense for me to package onshore-timesheet.
>In short, it's a web application (perl, postgresql) which can be used
>to eliminate the use of paper timesheets in hourly billing situations.
>There are several commercial applications that do this -- I don't know
>of any other free ones.
>Here's hoping it's useful to someone.
>Press release follows.
>.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>
>             First GPL Release of onShore TimeSheet
>          ----------------------------------------------
>30 May, 1999
>onShore, Inc., a Chicago and New York based systems integrator and
>software developer since 1991, released today a beta version of its
>flagship product, onShore TimeSheet, as Free Software under the GNU
>General Public License.  Available commercially since 1996, onShore
>TimeSheet enables business to replace paper-based timesheets, manage
>projects and provide sophisticated time reporting, lowering costs and
>turn-around time.
>onShore TimeSheet is available today as version 2.1 beta 1 at
><URL:http://www.onshore-timesheet.com/>. onShore TimeSheet was
>developed for use with Perl, PostgreSQL and Apache, and is certified
>for use with Linux and Solaris. Any company can deploy a complete
>onShore TimeSheet application server without incurring software
>licensing costs of any kind.
>onShore TimeSheet is a comprehensive, web-based, multi-user
>time-billing and project management tool. It supports approval,
>email-enabled workflow facilitation, and provides an export capability
>that can be used to integrate with third-party accounting systems.
>Any company that provides time-based services, pays employees on an
>hourly basis, or needs to track projects more closely will benefit
>from using onShore TimeSheet. Graphic design, advertising,
>accountants, and law firms are just some examples of businesses which
>can immediately benefit from the built-in features of onShore
>According to the technical manager of the project, Adam Di Carlo,
>"We've been selling this software for 3 years now; it is currently
>deployed at a number of clients. Yet onShore is essentially a service
>and support company, not a software vendor. Losing the revenue from
>licensing fees is a minimal loss, compared to the huge sector of
>potential users which we weren't reaching when this software was
>proprietary. Obviously, we're hoping that this software has wide
>appeal, and leads to support contracts or integration work."
>onShore offers a number of commercial support options with onShore
>TimeSheet, ranging from bundled onShore TimeSheet Linux servers to
>discounted support blocks.  onShore has been working with Linux in
>production and testing environments since 0.99pl13.
>If you would like to learn more about onShore's installation, support,
>customization, or hardware bundled options, see our web site at
><URL:http://www.onshore-timesheet.com/>, or call an onShore sales
>representative at 312-850-5200. For general inquiries about onShore
>TimeSheet, contact Suzannah Martin at the above voice number.
>onShore TimeSheet is a trademark of onShore, Inc.
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