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Re: Intent to package xmemos

> > cannot modify the GPL. It's copyrighted by the FSF. You may only
> > distribute it verbatim. Ergo, you can't tack anything onto the end, even
> > if you rename it.. (The copyright permits /nothing/ except verbatim
> > distribution. This is v2.)
> And what we were getting at earlier was trying to gently point out that you
> can modify the license under which the software is distributed.  For
> example:
> `This email is distributed under the GPL v2.0 or any later version however,
> you may link this email the xforms libraries and distribute the resulting
> binaries'
> I didn't change the GPL.  I changed the license of this email.

Well, aside fromg etting non-running programs as the resulting binaries,
your example is valid: I was under teh impression you were suggesting
tacking something onto the end of the license itself as opposed to another
arrangement. :> 


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