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new package: gri, a language for scientific graphics programming.

I'm not sure I ever posted an intent to package for this, but
here it is anyway.

Some people become Debian developers because of some cool
software they use that they want to package.  For me, that
software was gri, a language for scientific graphics programming.
This is the package I became a Debian developer for:


Package: gri 2.2.0-1   a language for scientific graphics programming.

 Gri is a command-driven application, as opposed to a click/point
 application.  It is analogous to latex, and shares the property that
 extensive power is the reward for tolerating a modest learning curve.
 Gri output is in industry-standard PostScript, suitable for incorporation
 in documents prepared by various text processors.
 Gri can make x-y graphs, contour-graphs, and image graphs.  In
 addition to high-level capabilities, it has enough low-level
 capabilities to allow users to achieve a high degree of customization.
 Precise control is extended to all aspects of drawing, including
 line-widths, colors, and fonts.  Text includes a subset of the tex
 language, so that it is easy to incorporate Greek letters and
 mathematical symbols in labels.
 The following is a terse yet working Gri program.  If it is stored in a
 file called 'example.gri', and executed with the command 'gri example', it
 will create a postscript file called 'example.ps' with the graph.
   open file.dat        # open a file
   read columns x * y   # read the 1st column as x and the 3rd as y
   draw curve           # draw the data and autoscale the axes

Peter Galbraith

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