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dante (SOCKS) and glibc2.1 problem

Although I've uploaded dante to potato, I'm having lots of problems trying
to use it under glibc2.1.

Both dante and the NEC SOCKS have a shell script which LD_PRELOADs a library
to do SOCKSified network calls (called "socksify" and "runsocks"

Unfortunately this isn't working under glibc2.1 - the socksified program
either SIGSEGVs or hangs on reading from the socket.

Someone at work has done some investigation and he found be changing dlsym(...)
into dlvsym(...,__GLIBC_21_) (or something like that) it helped, but didn't
solve all the problems. 

The socks server I'm connecting to is fine and the "rftp" program in the NEC
socks works fine.

Basically this is a plea for help.  I've tried re-compiling programs under
glibc2.1 and also compiling the dante-socks library into programs (fetchmail
and rsync) but the solution eludes me.


Adrian (miffed since he can't keep his Debian mirror upto date)

email: adrian.bridgett@zetnet.co.uk, http://www.poboxes.com/adrian.bridgett
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