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our cluster is made up of about 30 PCs currently runnig RedHat... 
well by now we are about to turn the whole cluster  to a 
better mantainable distribution (i.e. Debian).  
My intention is to build up a bunch of scripts whose aim is to
completely and definitely convert the whole RedHat distribution
into a Debian one. Take it as a sort of queer joke: I want
to build an RPM package containing these scripts, just to be able
to do:
rpm -i debian.rpm
on the target machine, and wait... ;)

We have the full ftp.debian.org mirror locally.
Any advices?


Richard Zoni	       !e-mail 		zoni@cs.unibo.it
Via Saffi, 83          !homepage	http://www.cs.unibo.it/~zoni
40131 Bologna(BO) ITALY!phone/fax	++39 51 649 3180
*Public Key available in the homepage or via finger*

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