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Re: IBM 390

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Jonathan Walther wrote:

> IBM 390 was clocked at 500,000 apache hits per minute running Unixware in a
> VM, and nothing else.  Try THAT on a Beowulf.  Doesn't happen.  Is some cool
> peice of shit hardware ^_^
> > But why whould you want to do that? IBM demoed a "$150,000 beowulf
> > outperforming a $5m cray," so supercomputers are obviously dead. ;)

I've got a *LOT* of email still to respond to, so I'll address both at

Jonathan; no *SHIT* sherlock. ;) Even *I* will concede that the S/390 is
probably one of the most powerful computers IBM makes. Also one of the
highest priced, IIRC. ;P

Michael; I've got a standing bet with my boss that if I get an SP, I can
have it outperforming a Beowulf cluster with identical x86 processors and
an identical number of nodes, at less than 3/4 load. It's not a matter of
brute speed; it's a matter of architecture, as I see it.

Okay, back on to more emails. ;)

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