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Mozilla Snapshot

The Debian Mozilla Team is pleased to announce that a new snapshot is
available for testing.  You can download the package from
http://va.debian.org/~bfulgham.  You will need the mozilla package and the
libnspr20 package.  There is not yet any real use for the libnspr20-dev


1.  WARNING:  This is extremely non-useful software at the moment.  You can
visit web pages, and it generally works but it is VERY slow.  It outputs a
ton of debug stuff for the time being.

2.  This package is for developers only!  So all of you "newbie users" who
(quote)post worthless messages on -devel(unquote) ;) please don't download
it unless you don't mind spending an hour downloading the package then have
it crash when you visit Slashdot :)

3.  It's slow

4.  Please download and identify problems.  The upstream Mozilla folks need
to know where problems are so they can fix them.  Useful bug reports are
desired -- try to strace/ltrace if you can.  Copy down info on what the
console is displaying (if you start from the console).  If you don't know
what strace/ltrace is, you should NOT download this version.

5.  It's slow.

6.  Please notify me of problems with the packaging, and if the installation
went smoothly.  Please send bug reports to me for the time being.  We will
have  an alias or something similar set up for bug reporting soon, but for
now please just send to bfulgham@debian.org.

7.  That's about it.  Have fun.

Oh, and did I mention it was slow?  And crashes a lot?


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