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Re: Let's CENSOR it! (was: Uploaded anarchism 7.5-1 (source all) to master)

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Jonathan P Tomer wrote:

> > After an upgrade, having "obsolete" but useful packages in the system
> > (like hamm's xfnt100) is worse than having empty compatibility packages
> > which may be removed at any time without any side effect (the same xfnt100
> > as a dummy package).
> and this is in *100% direct contradiction* to your arguments against doing
> anything for the base package, [...]

You are confused. I plan to do whatever is allowed by the packaging system
regarding the base package.

What you call "my arguments" was just me being devil's advocate
(read the archives), to see the kind of replies I got.

Do we agree then that we should do whatever the packaging system allows to
fix major annoyances like the base package *and* the old X font packages
being in an "obsolete" state?

[ Remember that for the X font packages is available a simple fix is
available that does not require to manipulate the dpkg database, while the
same is not true for the base package ].


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