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Re: We can halve volume by not allowing nondevelopers to post

"Steve Lamb" <morpheus@rpglink.com> writes:

> >my first entry into the thread was to say that setting reply-to back to the
> >mailing list was brain-damaged.
>     And I quote, "this is bullshit."  You know, Craig, in most places that
> is considered foul language.  Who's rewriting history to suit his purpose now?

I think you two provide a perfect example that the -devel problems are 
not caused simply by having -devel open to nondeveloper postings;
rather, that a small but vocal minority, developers or not, simply
can't communicate ideas in a mature fashion.

Look at yourselves.  You're not saying ONE THING related to Debian, or 
to developers.  You're throwing about foul language.  You're throwing
about wild accusations.  Name-calling.  And none of it related to

Can y'all just quit or do 300 developers have to add you to our

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