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Re: Slink to potato upgrade

On Tue, Mar 23, 1999 at 11:41:52AM +0000, Kevin Dalley wrote:
> You seem to prefer a sounding dichotomy:
> 1.  Break many users code when they upgrade to potato.

It was already broken in rex->bo, bo->hamm etc.

> 2.  Create binary incompatibility with other Linux distributions.

It's inacceptable IMHO.

> Neither of these options is good.
> If Debian were the only distribution to use new sonames, that would be 
> an area for criticism.  However, if no distribution uses new sonames,
> and many applications fail, Linux as a whole will be mocked be users
> and non-users.  Moral superiority is fine.  Usability is essential.

Nobody ugres you to upgrade.  If slink works for you why upgrade to potato?

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