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Re: Requesting free-world packager for Net::SSL...

Greg Stark <gsstark@mit.edu> writes:
> I just looked into that and found this at the top of the readme:
> ***  NOTE!! This SSLeay interface is already depreciated!!!!
> ***
> ***  Eric Young is currently implementing his own version of the
> ***  SSLeay modules for Perl.  You should not really use this code,
> ***  but instead wait for Eric's version.  When it appears
> ***  Crypt-SSLeay will go away.


> And to make matters worse:
> > You must first install SSLeay-0.6.6.  The Crypt::SSLeay module does
> > not really work the the 0.8.X versions of SSLeay yet.  Once this is
> > accomplished you just perform the usual steps:
> We're up to SSLeay 0.9 now...

Oy.  Maybe I need to spend some time investigating the SSL situation
for Perl. :-(

> Also, the readme didn't give any details on where the software was
> developped.  If it was developped in the US it's basically
> useless. I mean, I think it would technically be legal for me to
> package it, and it would definitely be legal for someone outside
> North America to package it, but I'm not interested in treading that
> close to the edge of the law.

Sorry, that's why I specified "free-world packager".  If you're at
MIT, you don't count. :-) Elsewise I'd have just done it myself.

I guess all I know for sure is that libwww-perl wants to be able to
"use Net::SSL", and thus I'd like to see someone who could
redistribute it (which implicitly implies non-US) package that.  I
don't, however, think it's important enough to keep around a version
of SSLeay just for that.


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