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Re: Volume on -devel and dumping non-registered developers

David Welton <davidw@master.debian.org> writes:

> I like the idea of a debian-discuss, which would carry the
> 'miscellaneous' traffid that -devel currently gets.  That way, devel
> could go back to being for strictly technical issues.  This would, I
> think, improve the quality of Debian, as more people could
> participate in the tech discussions.

I also like this idea.  Is anyone opposed?  If not, can we make it
happen?  Then we could have:

  debian-devel: development related issues (though I also think that
                splitting this to debian-stable and debian-unstable
                might be a good idea)

  debian-user: user related questions and discussions of the "How do
               do X?" variety.

  debian-discuss: debian related issues like mailer arguments,
                  conversations about Apple, parties, conferences, etc.

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