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Re: Volume on -devel

Branden Robinson wrote:
> All maintainer mails should be auto-approved by a bot by checking PGP
> signatures (while we're add it, we can add those brains to
> control@bugs.debian.org, grumble grumble).  All other mails to -devel
> should be hand-moderated, using whatever policies the moderator(s) feel is
> appropriate.  I think that auto-approval, until particular individuals turn
> out to be problem cases, is the best way, but IMO anyone who steps up to
> the thankless task of moderation should be permitted some discretion, as
> long as his/their policy is enforced in a consistent, objective manner.

This proposal is identical to letting anyonepost and then banning people who
are problems. Except it has all this moderation overhead.

Remember when Bruce put someone-or-other (Dave Cinege?) into "digest mode"?
He could post all he wanted, but the list only got one message a day. I
think that's a much nicer way to accomplish the same ends w/o banning someone.

see shy jo

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