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Re: We can halve volume by not allowing nondevelopers to post

We may halve the volume, but do you believe the quality will necessarily
increase?  Or better yet, will good ideas be missed?  I am not a developer
yet (this will change soon), but when I have the time, I help with the
testing effort and therefore, usually talk with many of the maintainers
and people handling the release.  I realize the traffic on this list is
heavy.  This same debate has come up on the user list as well.  The best
solution I have seen are things like the kernel-traffic report or the
debian weekly news (which I contribute to when time permits).  They allow
someone to keep up with the list at almost none of the volume.  Splitting
the list only works when there is a clear divide that won't encourage
crossposting or multiple subscribing.  Our openness is a feature that I
don't want to see go.


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