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known issues with compiling and glibc2.1???

What are the known issues with glibc2.1 and compiling??

I'm trying to compile kpilot on glibc2.1 and it compiles fine (well it
finishes with the normal blurps about pilot-link crap that it did before)

but when I run it it segfaults...or core dumpts...  I sent off mail to the
kpilot mailing list to see if anyone else is running kpilot on glibc2.1 system
and I got a response stating yes..this guy had been running it for a while, he
compiled it on 2.1 (using egcs) and has had no problems...

so my question here is...what's brokt...I've tried compiling it on 2 different
systems and the same results...



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