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Subject: Potato, sendmail, glibc 2.1, and libdb2


Here's what I know thus far...

potato's sendmail and glibc 2.1 seem to get along fine (at least on this
box) ! Those of you with problems all seem to have also installed the newer

I was fortunate in that my socks access died, and I have been unable to
download/install libdb2 ;-}

I see in the sendmail-8.9.2 changelog that this was done:
 Support Berkeley DB 2.6.4 API change 
This is the version now in potato

Unfortunately, the libdb2 in slink is 2.4.14, and that is the library
sendmail is linked against.

I'm now in kind of a mess in that I've got my developement machine
running glibc2.1, and
have several changes in various stages of completion in sendmail ;-{

If someone who still has a slink system would install libdb2 2.6.4 (if
possible), and do an NMU - I think that'd get people going until my 
updates are clean, and I get socks working again (anyone tried dante, 
I'm thinking of packaging it) ;-{

Rick Nelson

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