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Re: Help for Debian Orca Logo (fwd)


when in this list growed up the discussion about the orca logo
I was suggested to ask tigert, the designer of the Gnome logo,
for help in realising the idea.

Here comes his answer and in another foreward I post another
letter (in which he states that I could publish his private mail
to the Debian list.  (I deleted some private, non-Debian related

Kind regards


---------- Forwarded message ----------

>From tigert@gimp.org Wed Mar  3 08:47:28 1999
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 23:10:01 +0200 (EET)
From: Tuomas Kuosmanen <tigert@gimp.org>
To: Andreas Tille <tille@physik.uni-halle.de>
Subject: Re: Help for Debian Orca Logo

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Andreas Tille wrote:

>my name is Andreas Tille.  Since about one year I'm a maintainer
>in the Debian project.  This time I maintain six packages.  Some
>other developers requested me to ask you for help in creating a
>Debian logo.
>For sure you know about the running GIMP contest for the Debian logo.
>Last week we had a heavy discussion about what the logo should show.
>I had the idea of taking an orca whale as mascot and create a logo
>with a funny orca to complete the zoo of free software animals.  I
>stated some philosophical reasons (if you are interested I could
>foreward them) and just prcatical reasons (smooth lines, easy to
>scale, easy to paint, good display at black-and-white, ...)

Yes tell me the philosophical side. I was also thinking of a Dolphin
D like debian you know :) That is why I want to hear the story too.

>Some Debian developers liked this idea and proposed to ask you
>as a well gifted artist and the designer of the Gnome logo to
>support our idea for a logo with your skills.  I first trial
>was done under
>   http://quark.fe.up.pt/debian/orca.html
>but the author itself doesn't see a masterpiece in it (in dead it
>was hacked with Emacs as PostScript file and not expected to be
>the winner :) ).

Ok, it looked quite nice.

>So our first question is:
>  Would you like the idea of an orca as a logo for Debian?
>  (As I mention we collected some reasons for it but I don't want
>  to spoil your spare time with arguing if you are not interested)

I'd love to but right now my time is so limited I just cant devote any
spare time to that.. :( 

>If yes our second question is:
>  Do you belong to the 37 people who have enouth freetime to do
>  the things they want? :)

I dont. I was the first one to vote NO on my fresh poll :)

>We would be very glad if you would think about supporting us with
>your weel proven skills.  The people who ask you for this are far
>from beeing good in moving the mouse around the screen to get nice
>looking images and so we're afraid that our idea for a logo could
>be lost in terms of practical skills.  The only way I could create
>images is with my camera.
[... private stuff snipped ...]

I am sorry I cant help at the moment. And I know your pain when I see the
contest entries.. ouch. I know most guys try really hard but making a logo
is not just drawing a nice figure in gimp and sticking on a text label
under it.. Do you have any $$ to spend on a good designer that would make
a logo for debian? It is quite a big project but it might be worth it - a
logo is very important as part of the first impression and 'image' of the
debian project - just go look at the rejected entry someone made with
CorelDraw (you really want to do logos with a vector-drawing app if you
want to print them. Logos for web-only are a different thing..) The url
for that one is:


I'm sorry to have to turn you back on this, but I just dont have the time

Best wishes,



PS. Since Bruce worked at Pixar, do you think he would know a good
illustrator there or somewhere else? 

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