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Need to change lintian


we need to change lintian, because it now gives an error message, but
there isn't an error. So I compiled mimedecode with glibc2.1 and got the
following message from lintian, while I checked it.

|shorty@jupiter% lintian -c -i mimedecode_1.8-5_i386.deb
|E: mimedecode: compiled-with-bad-libc usr/bin/mimedecode
|N:   This file defines or requires `__register_frame_info' as a dynamic
|N:   symbol, and is not linked with libstdc++. This means that it was
|N:   compiled with a buggy version of libc. It should be recompiled with
|N:   the fixed versions, libc6 2.0.7u-6 or higher. (which may not yet be
|N:   available; see debian-devel).
|N:   This was a problem in the second half of 1998. If you get this tag
|N:   much later than that, it may be a different problem. Please check with
|N:   the lintian maintainer in that case.

I cc this also to the lintian maintainer, but I think this should also
be announced and discussed here.

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