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Re: Really unhappy with one dselect behavior...

Rob Browning wrote:
> Running dselect is (I find) the best way to figure out which new
> packages I might want, so I run it now and then and go through the
> list of new packages.  However, several times now, I've accidentally
> hit return before I was finished going through the list (sometimes
> because I got a little confused, and sometimes just inadvertently).
> This accident is made more likely by the fact that other programs use
> return for much less severe (and reversible) actions.  Like going to
> the next line in less or saying "yes, select the current thing" in
> other programs.
> The big problem is that when you accidentally do hit return, there's
> *no* way to recover from the mistake.  The state information about

Please backup your /var/lib/dpkg/status file before running dselect
then.  And thank God^H^H^HIan that this is only a text file.



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