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Re: Device detection? [Summary]

We've very close to an ISA-free system now, that is the trend in
The only two components not PCI in new machines these days are internal
modems and sound cards.  The sound cards are becoming PCI now too since
it's been discovered that not only is a PCI sound card typically better
than the equivalent ISA type, they're also cheaper to make.

Waiting for PCI modems to catch on now.
Probably not.  Modems will probably go via USB (if Wintel has their
way).  USB speakers (with built in sound cards) are already here as
well.  But pci sound cards make sense since they also do other dsp
stuff.  And for that matter they can also fake modem opertions.  So
pci modem/sound cards maybe, USB modems for sure.  (Will someone get
USB into the kernel already!).

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