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Purpose of the discussion (Re: freedom-subtracted.debian.org)

Hi All,

I think we strayed too far from the purpose of the discussion. I thought that the purpose of the discussion was to make sure that people who choose non-free (or non-dfsg) do that after clearly understanding what it implies and how it is against the basic principles of Debian. 

Marcus idea of adding a virtual domain puts our mirrors in a difficult position (as Wichert pointed out). Further what is it going to accomplish ? It is going to make purists ( I do not like the term very much ) change their sources.list which IMHO is not right. It should be the other way round. People who choose non-free should add it. Evsen if we add just one virtual domain, that is going to make the load on the server high (since RMS will also be recommending the site)

As some one else pointed it out, why not just keep main in the default  sources.list and people who want contrib and non-free can add it ? It places the decision on the user, makes our point clear. 

We also need to decide where we stand on the issue of non-dfsg.. Do we support it or not ? We can not be half way. It is going to lead to the same set of discussions in future. 

How about a vote on this ? (by debian developers only of course)

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