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moving contrib & non-free (was: Re: KDE)

Previously Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Is it problematic to use virtual domains and a symlink tree to hide non-free
> under some hostname, for Free Software advocats?

Yes, FTP can only do IP-based virtual hosting. The reason I haven't
come up with a nice proposal yet is that it's a complex solution. Here
are some issues:

Given that:
1) we want to make the distinction between main (the Debian
   distribution) and the rest (contrib & non-free) more clear. The best
   way seems to be to move contrib and non-free to another (virtual)
2) moving things to another host means that all mirrors will suddenly
   stop mirroring contrib and non-free unless they manually add that

2 is a bit troublesome. Somewhere I wouldn't really mind if that
happens: we still have contrib and non-free and anyone can get them, but
we can't handle the load for that. We would need mirrors.

Now a mirror can mirror both main and the rest, and even put symlinks
back in debian/dists so users can use a single tree. But then we would
end up with mirror in debian.org which don't have the split anymore..
We also can't ask our mirrors to do virtual hosting, since not every
mirror has a second IP available.

My current favourite is moving contrib and nonfree to nonfree.debian.org
(or nondfsg.debian.org), and asking our mirrors to mirror that as
/debian-non-free (or /debian-nondfsg). That way will continue to make
everything available to our users, while having a ftp.debian.org with
only our official distribution (ie main).


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