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Re: Directory enabled distribution

Russell Coker wrote:
>Next we can chain multiple servers so for example if we have a co-loc server
>they could run their own LDAP server for the branch "ou=Joe's company,
>ou=customers, o=isp" and requests from outside could be chained to it.  So the
>company could run their own LDAP server for their co-loc domain, and the ISPs
>servers could authenticate users access to other services (EG maintaining a we
>server on one of the ISP's servers) based on account information in the
>customers LDAP server.
>Openldap supports replication between servers (but not netsplit with multiple
>updates on a single record as it doesn't support time-stamps in the replication
>files AFAIK).  So you could have 2 openldap servers running with your account
>data and if one of them went down (crash or hardware upgrade) the other could
>keep on running.

Does LDAP support secure transmission of passwords, or would this require
an additional protocol like Kerberos?

Does LDAP support encryption?

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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