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Re: freedom-subtracted.debian.org (was: Re: KDE)

Montreal Wed Mar 10 16:39:59 1999

Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> wrote:
> Debian depends on its developers and its  policies for its technical
> competence.
>  If  either is  found,  rather  than  walking away  and  saying that
> something  is   stupid, mailing this list  or   the package owner as
> appropriate would help all involved.  We strive to  be the best on a
> technical stand point, the rest is secondary.
> Navindra, this is  *NOT* a personal attack or  slam.   Please do not
> take it as such.  Rather I say this so that all can remember to tell
> a friend "yes, that is stupid, did you let the packager know?", "no,
> I do not know why Debian does that, but I can find out", etc.

Don't worry, I understand that bugs are bugs, and in fact that's the
defence I presented at the time...


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