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Re: My views on release management

Previously Richard Braakman wrote:
>   * Be loud.  Keep the developer community aware of what is suppposed
> to happen when, what the release goals are, and if we're waiting why
> we're waiting.  This probably means weekly mails during the
> development period, and announcements whenever necessary during the
> freeze.

No weekly announces during the freeze? Incendentally I feel the release
manager should manage the release-critical buglist as well, but you
already know how that works :). Also, I thought we had decided to no
longer have release goals, but project goals. Do you mean to reinstate
release goals, since you mention them here?

>   * Authorize NMUs to fix specific bugs when necessary.  (I think the
> release manager should have this power.)

Within limits; this probably needs some further discussion.

>   * Have a pre-freeze of one or two weeks, during which new packages
> can be held until after the freeze so that they can be installed in
> the next "unstable".  Conveniently, "new packages" tends to include
> incompatible library versions and major reorganizations as well.

Maybe a 2-week library and base-system freeze and immediately create

>   * Be present and active during important events like the freeze or
> the release.  When the release time is measured in hours, I expect the
> release manager to take whatever drugs are necessary to stay awake :-)

Amen :). 


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