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Re: Bug #32888: The old `base' package.

for myself, having an obsolete package in dselect is not a problem (i
don't, by the way, having started at hamm). and you could hardly call a
database hack an aesthetic improvement over a useless package ;) however,
for people who do not read debian-devel, and who use dselect exclusively, 
and these people are actually quite numerous, it's confusing, and they might
well remove it, --forcing (not to mention just agreeing to apt) and hosing
their system, and they will wonder why we told them to remove a package
that they needed (i know, we didn't. but we marked it as 'obsolete'
which to many people -does- imply such a thing, and by removing it from
the dist, whcih is required, it is automatically marked obsolete).
also, i don't know about this, but it may be impossible to get newer versions
of base-fiels and base-passwd with the old base lying around, and this isbad.

the solution i suggested was not fully-formed as i do not know how dpkg
works internally... i think your suggestion to zero the .list file is
an appropriate balance of fix and safety -- removing base should
be safe with --force-remove-essential then, right?


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