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Re: Slink older i386 upgrade

On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

>Sorry to disturb you, but there seems to be a little problem...
>In /dists/stable/main/upgrade-older-i386/deb-files on i386 Binary 1,
>there are some dangling symlinks, namely data-dumper, dpkg-dev, dpkg-ftp
>and libnet-perl. 
>I've not tried anything at all (just saw the `!''s in Midnight
>Commander), but I think that upgrading with the cd_autoup.sh script may
>fail. In that case, it's maybe better to announce that the apt method
>should be used... 
>I _think_ I'm talking about the final images; the md5sum of my image is
>5e17befce2468a4197b81e89b2680a78  binary-i386-1.iso
>(downloaded yesterday) but I can't find `officially released' md5sums

Hmmm. Just looked, and my mirror has those still as sym-links to hamm.
This will have broken when the slink dist was flattened on the ftp site a
couple of weeks back. Guy, can you flatten those links in
dists/slink/main/upgrade-older-i386/deb-files please?

Yes, the cd-autoup.sh script may well fail. We'll have to get this fixed
for the 2.1r1 release...

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