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Bug #32888: The old `base' package.

severity 32888 normal

[ Bcc:ed control@bugs.debian.org ].

It is not a critical bug that removing an essential package makes the
system to be messed up. It is expected behaviour. Could somebody explain
to me why do we consider this to be a bug at all?. When you remove any
package which is called "obsolete" by dselect, the user loses its
functionality. Is the "obsolete" word the problem? If so then this bug
should probably be reassigned to dpkg as wishlist so that it uses
some different word.

Regarding APT, I have already submitted a (grave) bug against it for
allowing the user to remove an essential package (be it base, fileutils
or whatever). I would like this to be fixed before release, but of course
the release managers have the final say about this.


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