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Re: Releasing Slink

On 7 Mar 1999, Steve Dunham wrote:

>Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
>> Steve Dunham writes:
>> >So, when do you want a CD image.  Assuming the other archs have
>> >stopped uploading new stuff, the last thing we _need_ for sparc is for
>> >console-tools to be installed from incoming into the distribution.
>> Ick... 
>It made it into the dist yesterday.  

OK, good.

>> >Now depending on how rushed we are for time, I can merge this into my
>> >mirror manually and generate the CD images, or I can wait till it is
>> >installed on master and then rsync and generate the CD images.
>> >(Assuming that dinstall picks it up today, it will be 1800 EST or
>> >later - dinstall runs at 1500 EST and "masterfiles", a long process,
>> >runs after dinstall is done.)
>> Hmmm. That's probably a bit late. I'd like to have all the images done and
>> on cdimage by the end of today (Sunday) GMT to give the mirrors Monday to
>> get the images. If you can do it by hand, then I guess...
>Those times were on saturday.  I'm running md5list right now, and just
>finished blanking the CDRW.  The image I prepared last night didn't
>work because the silo stuff is broken in slink_cd 1.10 and 1.11, it
>mounted the old image and installed silo on the new one.  I'll mail
>you a patch for all of the silo woe as soon as this new image is built
>and burned.

OK, thanks. And if it's not imposing too much, have you made any progree
on non-sparc silo?

>I don't have a cdimage account.  For the pre1 images I just gave Phil
>Hands a rsync address and password.  Whoever transfers these new
>images to cdimage, should copy the old ones into the place for the new
>one and then do an rsync with a large block size.

OK... Or alternatively - do you want an open account? While Phil is away,
Glen is in charge and can do these things...

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