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"Unpackaged software" database (Re: Suggestion about wnpp)

I posted this proposal some days ago (looks like a lot of time,
wow) and response seems to be positive. There was not an
overwhelming number of replies, but there was one from the wnpp
maintainer, one from the Fearless Project Leader and one from a
guy willing to do some programming. And no negative comments. So
I guess that's it :-)

On Feb 21, Lalo Martins decided to present us with:
> These days I had a thought about wnpp. What would you think of
> splitting "software that should be packaged" off from wnpp and
> to a separate document, which could be maintained by a group of
> individuals?

A postgresql-based package database could be cool. Perhaps an
ldap-based one would be better because ldap is based on rfc-822
style headers (like we have in "Packages" files), so the
"Description:" field (possibly others) from this database can be
ripped straight from the database to .../debian/control (and
from there to the new package).

A web interface is almost mandatory; would be better if it could
look like we have in http://www.debian.org/Packages/ (perhaps
even make http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages.html have a new
search option, along with:
   Version: ( ) unstable   (*) stable   ( ) frozen   ( ) all versions
add ( ) not packaged

But one step at a time :-) Here's what I propose:

1: create a list (debian-unpackaged?) and have everyone
interested move to there

2: decide on technical details - postgres, ldap, how it will be
edited (web-based interface with http authentication?), what
fields do we want

3: decide on political details - how do new developers join the
group (ie gain write-access to the database)

4: set a team of 1-5 people to do any necessary coding -
database, any software we eventually need, html (wml?) / cgi

If nobody opposes I will post the request for creation of the
list next week (I'll leave this time open to receive objections
or even suggestions for a different name for the list).

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