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Re: Bug #32888: I think this is a bug in apt.

On Fri, Mar 05, 1999 at 02:35:28PM +0100, Santiago Vila wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Mar 1999, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> > On Fri, Mar 05, 1999 at 01:19:05PM +0100, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > > How can you ensure that removing an essential package (be it base or
> > > gzip) does not hose the system? (It will certainly do, by definition of
> > > essential).
> Sorry, I did not explain well:
> Removing an essential package is always bad. Why should we allow the
> user to remove "base" and not "gzip", for example? They are both
> equally essential.

It is bad, but they are not equally essential. You could (I think)
boot to single user mode without gzip, but you certainly could not
without base.

> I will reformulate the question: Why should APT make easy to remove
> any essential package? (be it "base" or any other one).

I agree, it should not.

> However, even if we fixed this in base-files, how could we ensure that the
> user does not try to remove "base" before base-files is upgraded?

All we can do is try our best to stop any more people being bitten by this.
Since "base" is quite old (rex or buzz), it should not affect many people
either way.


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