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Re: My views on release management

> I think it is possible and desirable to have a relatively long
> development time (several months) followed by a _short_ freeze time
> (two or three weeks).

I think the value of this objective should not be understated.

Anecdotally at least, the announcement of a freeze seems to herald
a flurry of new uploads, anxious to secure hard worked at new features
into the next release.  Presumably because the 'last few bugs' will be
worked out during the freeze period ;-) <insert favorite sarcasm here>

Encouraging a short freeze after a period of open development will
hopefully go a long way toward discouraging a practice that seems
guaranteed only to prolong the freeze.

As the release cycle gains speed and confidence, it's not so painful
to watch those treasured new features, that you desperately want to
see included, slip into the following release..

Oh and, (all together now), Three cheers for Richard - Our new martyr 8)


The mo(u)rning Koan:
If your 2c falls into the slot and nobody hear it..

Will the coin return still work?

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