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Re: FVWM 2.2 officially released

> On Tue 23 Feb 1999, John Hasler wrote:
> > Joseph Carter writes:
> > > I keep fvwm around, it's fairly minimal by comparison to other wm's, but
> > > it's rather powerful still.
> > 
> > It's the only thing I use.  Fvwm2 won't work with my .fvwmrc, and anyhow
> > fvwm has everything I need.

There is a (rather broken) script in the current fvwm2 package called
fvwm-fvwmrc-convert which will convert a .fvwmrc to a .fvwm2rc.  The
forthcoming fvwm package, which will be a replacement for fvwm2
(containing FVWM 2.2.0), will contain a much-improved script called
fvwmrc_convert which now basically works on every .fvwmrc I have
tried, although there are commands which are not recognised and have
to be dealt with by hand.

> fvwm 1 is also the only version that allows me to switch between the virtual
> screens with ctrl-arrow . I refuse to mouse over to the panning window
> and click there; that's a complete waste of time for me. The ctrl-arrow
> keystroke is fully programmed into my neural nets :-)

As several people have already explained, this is not the case.  And
the fvwmrc_convert script will handle this case as well.

> I'd also like to hear what added value fvwm 2.2 has. If all there is
> is the taskbar or launchbar or whatever it's called, then I'm not
> interested. I prefer to have my apps launchable from the mouse directly.

FVWM 2.2 is a large superset of FVWM 1.xx.  It also has dozens of
bug-fixes.  Get the package (when I've uploaded it) and see!!



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