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Re: slink release delayed

On 3 Mar 1999, John Lapeyre wrote:

> 	I'm not sure the kernel source for 2.2.1 should be there.
> It had a nasty bug that hung the kernel when doing alot of disk I/O.
> Leaves the partition in a mess when you reboot too.  What I am saying
> is that no one should run 2.2.1 .

Indeed. I've lost the entire content of a 8GB disk yesterday presumably
because of this... (the partitions were so messed up that e2fsck
coredumped while trying to check them)

>   It has been fixed in 2.2.2 , but it's too late for that.
> ./dists/slink/main/binary-all/devel/kernel-source-2.2.1_2.2.1-1.deb

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