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Re: slink is gone, goals for potato?


Ship's Log, Lt. Phillip R. Jaenke, Stardate 020399.0840:
> How about this? By default, /var/apt is symlinked to /usr/local/apt.
Can Debian use /usr/local by default ??

> Believe me, you need >200M of disk to go from hamm to slink. And you have
> to account for the fact that other things use /var. (Trust me. 125M of
> stuff on a 56k modem SUCKS.) 

Ah well .. I have only a 1GB /var Partition ...
no, this is not a joke, it was not enough.
I am not sure if I alrady used apt at that stage ogf instalation or ftp, but
dselect tried to download about 1.5 G.
When it realized that this will not work it presented me a list of about 1500
- 2000 Packages asking me to say y or n for each ...

just btw.: why has every method of installing it's own download dir.
Is this realy necessarely? I sometimes swich (or at least did so upgrading
hamm -> slink )

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