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Re: CD images for release

> Philip Hands wrote:
> > > Chris did the images so far but his i386 setup is toast. So it has to be
> > > done
> > > on some i386 without sanity checking (his last version was OK, more or
> > > less)
> > 
> > Is this for the alpha, or m68k or both ?
> m68k only. Right now I'm a bit confused about the whole procedure; I'll
> ask
> Chris if he can do the m68k images on your site, ok?


You need to be quick about it though (my holiday starts in 13 hours, and I've 
got to pack for a couple of those, and sleep for most of the rest) --- get
them to mail me an ssh identity.pub, and I'll set up an account, and install
their key.

Cheers, Phil.

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