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Server available for compiling/developing .deb packages.

	Currently I am hosting one of the distribution points for
http.us.debian.org.  I have plenty of idle time and disk space and was
pondering if some of the developers need an online T3 connected server to
develop packages from.  Heres the server stats for those interested.

server: yamato.terrabox.com
dist: Debian slink.
space: 12GB(9GB free) /home , 4GB /tmp
cpu: Dual ppro 180
mem: 256MB
Net: 10BaseTx linked to dual T3 (savvis & verio)

	If anyone is interested in using the server please contact me
directly for a login. I'm only 5 hops from master.debian.org, so things
run very fast. ;)

	Here is what you will get with the account....
however much disk space you need.
however many logins you want.
packagename.terrabox.com (or whatever hostname you want) http server.
each login gets thier own personal homepage space. 
Any slink package that you need will be installed.

	I ask that only one thing in return. be kind to the system. :) I
do run a few commercial paying customers from there.


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