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Re: FVWM 2.2 officially released

Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> wrote:

> fvwm 1 is also the only version that allows me to switch between the
> virtual screens with ctrl-arrow . I refuse to mouse over to the
> panning window and click there; that's a complete waste of time for
> me. The ctrl-arrow keystroke is fully programmed into my neural nets
> :-)

And I thought that I'm the only one with this neural "defect" ;-)

> Of course, if there's any way to do that with another window manager
> (e.g. fvwm 2.2), I'd love to hear about it. But *I* have never been
> able to find out how.

The following works in fvwm2 without problems here:

# Arrow Keys
# press arrow + control anywhere, and scroll by 1 page
Key Left        A       C       Scroll -100 0
Key Right       A       C       Scroll +100 +0
Key Up          A       C       Scroll +0   -100
Key Down        A       C       Scroll +0   +100

> I'd also like to hear what added value fvwm 2.2 has.

There are a lot of new features and less bugs. I personally switched
to fvwm 2.1.* (actually 2.1.10-2, but this should be similar to 2.2
with some bugs fixed) because with this I'm able to place the icons
from bottom left upwards using the IconBox feature.
Another point for 2.* is, that they fixed an ugly bug in the expose
handling I noted when trying to program with the Motif DrawingArea.
When I opened an iconized window I expected that only the window
rectangle should be redrawed by expose event but when the opened
window overlapped some other windows, there are many expose events
generated which redraws the window in many parts. This bug was fixed
in fvwm2...



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