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PAM, Potato, Packages -- things that begine with 'P'

With all the discussion about PAM in potato, I wanted to toss out a few
ideas and some notes on what the status of libpam is.

Firstly, the libraries seem to be stable and quite usable (I'm
completely using PAM for logins right now on my home system, along with
pam_ldap, and openldap for account retrieval). This can be attributed
to closing 50+ bug reports over the past few weeks (with the help of a
lot of people) as well as fixing 10 or so other bugs that were found
while fixing the first 50.

Secondly, there are some test apps, oddly enough called pam-apps. This
is a login, passwd, chsh, chfn and su replacement that uses pam. They
are mainly for testing and sample's, as I suspect shadow or util-linux
will eventually be compiled with pam support in a seperate package.

Now the proposal, how do we get PAM completely into potato, from telnet
to ftp, to ssh? There are a lot of apps that need to use pam, I'm
suggesting, for the users sake, that in potato we make pam'ified apps
optional (ie. have a telnetd and a telnetd-pam), maybe by post-potato
release, we can drop this usage and be completely PAM enabled.

To make this easier I propose a new list (I know, not another list!)
called debian-pam, where package maintainers can all get together for
help on how to put PAM into their application, and even find out if they
need to. This list will eventually be removed after most of the
applications have been helped out.

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