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RE: slink is gone, goals for potato?

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Shaleh wrote:

> > Boot disk:
> > Move to bzip2 for install disk should get some more space
> > Install from serial line
> > More languages for the boot disk 
> > Graphical install Ben Pfaff is working on (optional)
> >   Kernel boot logo? - Debian logo
> >   Things needed
> >     * Fb fdisk
> >     * Fb apt
> > CD-ROMs with 2.88Mb boot disk, fit more stuff in.
> > Start work on boot disks and CD early, so ready for release, no mad rush.
> > 
> a) bzip2 is slow as hell on a small hardware.  I use a p75 at work and let me
> tell you, bzip2 while nice for downloads is a bear on the CPU.  I am sure the
> m68k people would be less than pleased.  Same with those on older Suns.

Not to mention that bzip2 needs a lot of memory compared to gzip (although
the '-s' switch helps a bit)

> b) 2.88 floppies are fairly rare, do not see much point in the effort.

2.88 images for bootable CDs! Not to actually use on floppies...

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