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Re: Sparc Issues (Re: CD images for release)

> Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
> > Hopefully the mirrors are in sync and we're ready to go tonight. 
> > 
> > i386 images are easy - Phil, can you sort those please? And the source
> > images are probably easiest for you, too. And if you can sort out making
> > copies of the other images, cdimage.debian.org would be the best place to
> > advertise I guess...
> > Steve Dunham has sparc images sorted, yes? If not, we may be able to help
> > in Cambridge.
> I am set up to make them.  I still can't produce the actual images
> until:
>   1. The sparc stuff in incoming is installed
>   2. Eric uploaded the new sparc boot-floppies, and they are installed.
> After this is done, I'll build the images.  If this is not done in
> time, I'll manually install the packages on my mirror and build the
> images.
> I also will need to know where to put the images.  I don't think I can
> host that much data for consumption by the general public.

If we get them on open (aka cdimage.debian.org) then sunsite.org.uk grabs them 
and can take the brunt of the bandwidth.

The quickest way may be for me to produce an attempt at the CDs, so that rsync 
has something to work with, and then rsync yours on top.  Assuming that I can 
get it to build this time.

Cheers, Phil.

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