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Re: New package problems

Samuel Tardieu wrote:

> >>>>> "John" == John Travers <travs@netscape.net> writes:
> John> I am porting it to gtk/gnome and gpl-ing it. Shoud i do this
> John> before i first release it to make it legal, or should i just
> John> write a note with it describing the circumstances and then gpl
> John> it. It seems to me that it was meant to be released that
> John> way... if there is no copyright or restrictions, then the
> John> authors don't seem to be after money! (Of course I would
> John> acknowledge them)
> Let's try to clarify the situation: by default you have *ZERO* right
> to use or distribute a product since by default only the person who
> wrote it has any right.
> Some people will have you sign a contract that grants you some rights
> and imposing some restrictions (this is legal since you signed it).
> Some other people let you use the program via a permissive licence
> provided you agree with the licence terms. You are not forced to agree
> with a licence that you have not signed (as the GPL), but in this
> case, since you refuse the licence, you fall into the default case
> where you have no right at all. This is how the GPL works.
> To make it short: either get permissions from the author or forget
> about the package...
>   Sam
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  I have forgotten about the package... it is gpl'd but it is also already
packaged -> bugsx

cheers anyway

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