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Re: EGCS Re: glibc 2.1 notes

"J.H.M. Dassen" wrote:
> > I have here some files which have been compiled successfully with gcc2.8
> > on a Slackware box, but make my egcs abort.
> Please produce a minimal example that triggers the bug(s) from them, and
> submit bug reports.
Done this more than 2 or 3 weeks ago, when we discovered them. One of
the bugs is that egcs will compile certain files with -O2 but not
without optimisation. Didn't try some other optimisation levels though.
(Debian bug #31416)

The other is produced by some template stuff. If you install my package
(libvdk1-dev from Incoming), you'll find the problematic files in:
/usr/doc/libvdk1-dev/example/template. By the way, I would appreciate if
you will try to compile that (you have a Makefile also) as to make me
sure it is not a problem with my box. I've send this bug dirrectly to
egcs team. (libvdk1_0.5.4-2.deb requires gtk 1.2. This is not listed in
the dependences due to a bug in autoconf stuff of vdk, but will be fix
with the next release of vdk 0.6, aka a couple of days)


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